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For nearly 30 years Jeff Hood has been the Roaring Fork Valley’s go-to expert for Interior Window Coverings and Exterior Sun Control, and he is now passing that Experience, Care and Knowledge to new owner Alex Kaplinski. Jeff and Alex are lifelong family friends from Claremont, New Hampshire, and while Jeff built Window Solutions Aspen with one satisfied customer at a time, Alex’s career path led him to focus on information technology, where he witnessed client satisfaction via successful hardware rollouts, becoming the single point of contact between clients and multiple vendors. Alex’s project management skills allowed him to be a driving force in advocating for the overall “Customer Experience”. He worked with a number of leading companies, including Dell Services and Ross Perot’s Perot Systems Corp., and now brings that experience to Window Solutions Aspen. Alex looks forward to continuing Jeff’s commitment to keeping customers happy by keeping jobs on-time, on-budget, and of the highest quality possible.

Though he’s retiring, Jeff will remain onboard as a Consultant & Advisor for the reputable business he built over the past decades, and Alex plans to follow his mentor’s lead in taking care of a dedicated, loyal clientele.

Please allow us the Opportunity to take care of all your Window Covering & Sun Control needs, both Interior & Exterior.


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Alex Kaplinski
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Alex Kaplinski
Window Solutions Aspen

My journey here in the Roaring Fork Valley began in the summer of 1993 when my Aunt Heather invited me to spend a summer in Snowmass Village. It was immediately clear how special this place really was; all of my favorite outdoor adventures from living in New Hampshire (skiing, white water rafting, ice/rock climbing, camping, biking, fishing and mushrooming) were here in abundance, plus there was the natural beauty and spending time outside with friends and family.

I would have moved here sooner if it wasn’t for my burgeoning IT career! I was given a great opportunity to travel the country and work for some of the leading tech firms. It was a great experience and I learned how to handle a number of challenges in various sectors of the industry, from telecommunications and client computing to project management.

In New York City I worked in IT for Swiss Bank/UBS, and continued on to working for Alamo/National/Enterprise and Budget Car Rental while splitting my time between Charlotte, NC, and Boca Raton, Fla., where there were regional and corporate headquarters. I spent the past six years working for New York-based Xyster Consulting, Inc., on projects for State Street Bank in Boston, Mass., and Fannie Mae in Washington DC, Dallas and Chicago, refining my project management skills and experiences with clients.

Southern Florida has been my primary residence while I was traveling extensively for work, and I felt lucky to be able to explore the beauty of that region through boating, fishing and scuba diving, as well as many trips to the Florida Keys for stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and of course, more fishing! Most importantly, living in the culturally rich environment of South Florida allowed me to meet my beautiful wife, who is from Eastern Europe, and together we raised our two sons.

But summers were always spent in Colorado! For the past 30 years of summers my extended family here in the Roaring Fork Valley has grown, with new generations born and friendships forged. When Jeff reached out to me to take over this window covering business, we knew it wasn’t a matter of if we would move our family here, but how soon it could be done!

I’m excited to be part of the local community and to help make it a better place. My hard work, ethics and track record during my career are a foundation and testament to what I’ll be carrying forward to our customers.

My family and friends in this valley have been instrumental in helping me make the transition to this area. If and when we meet on the street, please take a moment to introduce yourself; I look forward to growing deep, long-lasting roots within the community.


Alex Kaplinski